Thermal imaging cameras are an indispensable part of many outdoor activities today.
They are an ideal addition to conventional night vision devices, which may hide important details at night.
Thermal imaging closes this gap and makes hidden things visible.

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      Why a DIYCON thermal imaging camera?

      Do you know that?

      You order something on the Internet – maybe even abroad and afterwards nobody is responsible and you look for service in vain!

      We also! … that’s why we stand by Germany as a location!

      Our claim is a satisfied customer, ie only those who stay in touch with the user can build really practice-oriented technology and offer good service.
      Development, sales and service all take place in-house. This is how we guarantee short distances, fast service and commitment to our customers.

      That is our promise of quality.

      A thermal imaging camera is not just a thermal imaging camera

      There are now numerous manufacturers and distributors of thermal imaging systems on the market. Unfortunately, many of these products are not adequately described or are only sold online without advice.

      With us you receive thermal imaging technology directly from the manufacturer and importer with appropriate specialist advice from us or one of our specialist dealers.
      For us, maintenance and service are part of the product and take place here in Germany.

      We only use sensors from well-known manufacturers and with full guarantees.

      frequently asked Questions

      A thermal imaging camera usually has a microbolometer as a sensor. This makes thermal radiation visible and converts it into a video signal, which we can see as an image.

      In principle, the same regulations apply to thermal imaging cameras as to night vision devices:

      Depending on the country, night vision devices may subject to legal restrictions.
      the The following regulations only apply to Germany. Please inform Beforehand, find out about the legal situation in your country. All Information is provided expressly without guarantee!

      Night vision devices are generally permitted in Germany as long as they are They do not have any prohibition properties according to §40 WaffG Appendix 2.
      Here is an excerpt:
      Section 40 Weapons Act Annex 2

      Forbidden Weapons
      Handling the following weapons and ammunition is prohibited:
      are devices that illuminate (e.g. aiming lights) or mark (e.g. lasers or aiming point projectors) the target;
      night vision devices
      and night sights with mounting devices for firearms as well
      Night vision attachments and night vision attachments for aiming aids (e.g. B.
      Riflescopes) are provided the items have an image intensifier or a
      possess electronic amplification;

      The German Bundestag recently approved an amendment to the weapons law, according to which so-called dual-use devices  so Night vision attachments and attachments that do not contain their own reticle – for Hunters no longer fall under this objective prohibition.

      Here is an excerpt from the draft:

      The draft states: “Holder of a valid hunting license Sense of § 15 paragraph 2 sentence 1 of the Federal Hunting Act may deviate of § 2 paragraph 3 for hunting purposes dealing with night vision attachments and have night vision attachments according to Annex 2 Section 1 Number Hunting law prohibitions or restrictions on the use of Night vision attachments and night vision attachments remain unaffected.”

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          We are looking for international sales partners!

          DIYCON ltd. is an aspiring company, focused on the production and distribution of thermal and night-vision devices. To expand our business, we are looking for international sales partners.

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