DIYCON OPTRONIX TI-3 35mm | Thermal camera


35mm version

The completely newly developed TI-3 camera from DIYCON offers everything a hunter expects from good thermal imaging optics.
The sun-proof VOx detector with a resolution of 386×288 pixels delivers razor-sharp images and has an excellent thermal resolution NETD of< 50mK.

The compact device has a built-in battery with up to seven running times, which is charged via the USB port.

The internal image memory allows you to record your hunting experiences.

You can see through light fog with the TI-3 without any problems.

Depending on the application, the TI3 is available with a 25 or 35 mm lens, which you can focus on manually. Thus, perfectly sharp images can be achieved at any distance.

Detection ranges of up to approx. 600 m can be achieved with the 25 mm version. With the 35 mm lens up to approx. 900 m can be achieved.

We do the service for the device in-house.

The shortest waiting times are therefore guaranteed. Detection range up to 940 m. Various color modes: black hot, white hot, rainbow, red, etc.; internal image memory, transmission via USB possible. Running time with one battery charge:> 4 hours


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DIYCON GmbH is an expanding company specializing in the manufacture and sale of high-quality products in the fields of night vision and thermal imaging technology.

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We are looking for international sales partners!

DIYCON ltd. is an aspiring company, focused on the production and distribution of thermal and night-vision devices. To expand our business, we are looking for international sales partners.

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