Top performance for professional users!

The VisIR series from Diycon stands for top-class thermal imaging attachments and target devices.

A thermal fusion function is optionally available. If necessary, the highly sensitive low-light camera can be attached to an interface.
The new cores with a pitch of 12 μm and a resolution of up to 640 x 512 pixels are among the best that the market currently has to offer and, together with the high-resolution OLED displays, enable a new sharpness experience.

As the first in its class, the VisIR as an attachment with thermal fusion can clearly resolve obstacles such as grass, small branches, etc. and thus enables a safe shot. The superior target acquisition of a night vision device with the detection performance of a thermal imaging camera delivers top results in any weather, even in light fog.

All VisIR devices have the TWIST-SWITCH developed by DIYCON. In addition to the normal menu, all important functions can be controlled with just one control element. The VisIR thermal imaging cameras have high-precision housings with IP 67 water resistance and are ultra-robust.

A device made for the toughest jobs.

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DIYCON GmbH is an expanding company specializing in the manufacture and sale of high-quality products in the fields of night vision and thermal imaging technology.

To expand and strengthen our international sales network, we are looking for competent and efficient sales partners.

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We are looking for international sales partners!

DIYCON ltd. is an aspiring company, focused on the production and distribution of thermal and night-vision devices. To expand our business, we are looking for international sales partners.

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