THERMAL – FUSION attachment

The little one with thermal fusion. Night vision attachment and thermal imaging camera in one.

Its 12μm sensor with 386 x 288 pixels makes it a reliable companion when hunting. Whether in clear weather or fog.

With the HYDRA II, you will no longer lose sight of your goal.

The high-resolution focusable lens can perfectly focus the image at any distance. Robust aluminum housing and easy operation with the DIYCON TWIST SWITCH. The replaceable battery allows an almost unlimited running time.
With the optional battery extender, the runtime per battery can even be increased to up to 9 hours.

The HYDRA II is suitable for medium distances up to approx. 120 m.

Specifications | Technical specifications
Specs Technical specifications
Model No. HYDRA II
Gear type Front Clip On (FCO)
Front lens 25mm
Sensor resolution (pixels) 384x288
video resolution 1920x1080 pixels
pixel pitch 12μm
Sensitivity NETD < 35mK
Screen resolution (pixels) 1250x962
Range (1.8 m human) 882 m
Battery changeable yes
Battery lifetime ~ 4.5 hrs


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DIYCON GmbH is an expanding company specializing in the manufacture and sale of high-quality products in the fields of night vision and thermal imaging technology.

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We are looking for international sales partners!

DIYCON ltd. is an aspiring company, focused on the production and distribution of thermal and night-vision devices. To expand our business, we are looking for international sales partners.

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