Top-class thermal imaging target

The VisIR – Sight is the target device version of the VisIR thermal imaging device and has an interface for Picatinny / STANAG – assemblies, or other common systems such as Blaser, Sauer ect.

The 50 mm large eyepiece from DIYCON enables an extremely large eye relief and the best possible viewing behavior.
Thanks to the new OLED screen with 1280 x 960 pixels, even small objects are displayed cleanly and sharply.

Freely selectable reticles and different color modes, as well as intuitive menu navigation allow for easy operation.

Please note the legal situation in your country!
possibly the device may be subject to export restrictions.

Specifications | Technical specifications


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DIYCON GmbH is an expanding company specializing in the manufacture and sale of high-quality products in the fields of night vision and thermal imaging technology.

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We are looking for international sales partners!

DIYCON ltd. is an aspiring company, focused on the production and distribution of thermal and night-vision devices. To expand our business, we are looking for international sales partners.

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